8 Most Harmful Skincare Ingredients To Avoid (Part 2)

In our previous article (Part 1), we spoke about some of the worst ingredients that can be found in conventional skincare products and why they should...

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8 Most Harmful Skincare Ingredients To Avoid & Why (Part 1)

Remember the simpler times? You know, when meeting a friend for a coffee meant actually having a conversation face to face, not with an iPhone...

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Keelyn's story: Rose Phyto³ heals her sensitive skin

 Keelyn discusses how our Rose Phyto³ Skincare Line saved her sensitive skin.

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Hyaluronic Acid

High on a Mountaintop Peak Scents calls the base of the San Francisco mountain range home. At 7,000 feet elevation, our air is thin and...

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Plant Stem Cells: Harnessing the Science of Nature to Protect Your Skin

High on a mountaintop Here at Peak Scents we live in the shadow of a mountain, the San Francisco Peaks, in the high desert of...

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