Here's how to create your personal subscription:

Go to product you would like to subscribe to...

  • Build your cart with the items you’d like in your subscription and choose the frequency from the dropdown menu on item screen
    • Underneath you will also find subscription details
  • Add item(s) to cart
  • You can also add one-time purchases in the same cart 
  • On the bottom right of the main screen:
    • There will be a green “Peak Scents Rewards” drop down menu
    • This is where your rewards live and where you can access rewards
    • Choose reward you want to use, click button below, copy code
  • Go to “check out”
  • If you are using a discount code, input into “Gift card or discount code” box, click “Apply”
  • Must click “I understand I am agreeing to a subscription. It will renew at the price and frequency listed until it ends or is canceled.” (Subscription policy is hyperlinked on the word “canceled.”)
  • Order confirmation emails will have links to your order 
  • You can manage your subscription from there
  • Enjoy your new and/or recurring Peak Scents products! 

Why Subscribe? 

  • Similar to a gym membership, yielding results from your at-home skincare routine is built by consistency. By subscribing, you will never run out of your Peak Scents products and have to resort to inferior drug store goods!
  • Peak Scents is flexible when it comes to subscription item frequency, additions, and cancellations. All can be done at the click of a button! 
  • If you have specific skin care goals in mind, the most effective way to reach those goals is by said consistency. Approachable at-home treatments and habits are a realistic way to meet your skin goals.
  • Because Peak Scents is a small, family-owned business with commitment to quality, our care for customer satisfaction, education, and support falls under that commitment to quality as well! We pride ourselves on quick and educational communication. You can talk one-on-one to one of our knowledgeable and passionate team members with any questions you may have anytime, just call our toll free number- 800-630-9499.
  • We stand behind our products 100%.  When it comes to caring for your skin and your wellbeing, we believe you deserve only the best, all-natural, toxic-free, safe, and affordable products. Let Peak Scents elevate your skincare.