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Peak Scents Plant Based Skincare is dedicated to utilizing the power of plants, vitamins and super fruits to deliver scientifically proven results. By harmonizing nature and science, we offer transformative skincare solutions that effectively enhance the health and radiance of your skin!

Always Cruelty -Free, Beegan and made with the highest quality Non-Toxic ingredients.


Organic Rose Phyto3 Babchi Serum

A Retinol Alternative

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Since 1993

Whether it’s a hike, camping trip, or just a day at the beach, our plant-based skincare is designed to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while still keeping it moisturized and hydrated.

And because we use only all natural toxic-free ingredients in all of our products, they won’t clog pores or cause irritation like other brands can. So whether you want to look good for that upcoming event or simply feel confident about yourself every day - Peak Scents has got you covered with our time tested formulas.



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Our Story

About Us

Peak Scents is a plant based, cruelty free, woman owned skincare company in operation since 1993. Our founder and product developer, DeeAnn Tracy, is a second-generation herbalist who received her degree from the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. She was a river guide in the Grand Canyon for many years, and after experiencing the harsh desert conditions time and time again, she knew guides and river trip clients alike needed more protection for their precious skin. Having a deep love for health and environmental sustainability, DeeAnn integrates these aspects into the creation of each and every product.


Greenspark, Eden Projects, & Plastic Bank

We are passionate about creating sustainable change here at Peak Scents Plant Based Skincare. By partnering with Greenspark, Eden Projects, and Plastic Bank, we are able to offset our carbon footprint and work towards a healthier planet for all. With every online purchase, we are donating to Eden Projects to plant a tree. For each plastic container we sell, our donations to Plastic Bank support the collection of a plastic item from the ocean.


Peak Scents has partnered with American Rivers to help protect wild rivers and conserve clean water for people and for nature. By supporting Peak Scents, you are able to support a fully engaged non-profit organization that is making a real impact for our rivers. By clicking the link below, you can connect with American Rivers and learn more about their mission.

American Rivers

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