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That’s why we created Peak Scents Plant Based Skincare. Our skincare products are made with result driven ingredients that will keep your skin healthy and glowing no matter what adventure you go on next. Whether it’s a hike, camping trip, or just a day at the beach, our plant-based skincare is designed to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while still keeping it moisturized and hydrated. And because we use only ALL- NATURAL- TOXIC -FREE ingredients in all of our products, they won’t clog pores or cause irritation like other brands can. So whether you want to look good for that upcoming event or simply feel confident about yourself every day – Peak Scents has got you covered with our time tested formulas since 1993!

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Eco-Friendly Housewares, Bodycare, Soaps, and Skincare!

Protecting Rivers & Clean water

Peak Scents has partnered with American Rivers to help protect wild rivers and conserve clean water for people and for nature. By supporting Peak Scents, you are able to support a fully engaged non-profit organization that is making a real impact for our rivers. By clicking the link below, you can connect with American Rivers and learn more about their mission.

what the adventurers are saying...

Erica, GC River Guide

"Despite all of the years in the sun, I still get compliments on my skin and people think I’m in my 30’s. I tell them, it’s the cream! I cannot recommend these products highly enough. Whatever your skin type may be, you will definitely feel and see the difference. And, you can also feel good about supporting a family owned business that is knowledgeable and truly dedicated to creating the highest quality, all natural, skin products on the market."

Christian, Adventure Athlete

"I only stand behind brands I believe in and align with. Not only do Peak Scents products actually work, but they are also all-natural, so you’re not putting overpriced chemicals on your face. The brand is owned and operated by women who are adventuring outdoor badasses as well, so if you’re in the outdoors like us and you just want something that you can count on to help your skin out, then give it a go!"

Karla, Backpacking Guide

"As a backpacking guide in the Grand Canyon,  I am carrying all my belongings for days at a time so I am very careful to bring only the essentials on a trip; I wouldn’t dare leave these skin care products behind! I appreciate that they are simple and all-natural; I can read every ingredient on the list. They smell amazing, and after a long day on the trail I feel like I am treating myself to a mini spa treatment every night."

Lyndsay, Huppybar Founder + GC Guide

"In 20 years of working and adventuring in the mountains and canyons of the Southwest, these products have been a constant companion. From sunscreen to moisturizers to salves for soothing sore muscles, they have me covered, head to toe. With their commitment to only all natural, high quality ingredients, I don’t have to think twice about using any of their products. With every application it feels like a little “I love you” to my skin. From one woman business owner to another, thank you and well done, Peak Scents!"