The Body Nurish Collection

Handmade by Peak Scents in Flagstaff, Arizona

The luxury of a spa at home with Body Nurish.

Treat your skin to the self care you deserve with Body Nourish, our collection of luxurious spa-quality formulas designed to rejuvenate from head to toe.

Meticulously crafted, nutrient rich scrubs, masks and treatments provide essential vitamins, minerals, and hydration for beautifully nourished, and radiant skin

Indulge in moments of relaxation with soothing scents and textures to help you unwind and pamper yourself with a spa-like experience at home.

experience the transformative power of our Body Nourish Collection and achieve beautifully nourished, radiant skin every day.

What makes Body Nurish the right Collection for you?

Luxurious Spa Treatments 

Nurture with Masks + Scrubs

Nourish + Rejuvenate

Shop,Product,Cleansers - Body Nürish Organic Coconut Cleansing Milk
Shop,Brands,Face - Body Nurish VitaNutrient Face Cream
Shop,Brands,Face - Body Nurish Hydrating Eye Cream
Shop - Body Nürish Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
Shop,Brands,Face - Body Nürish Almond Honey Mask
Shop,Brands,Face - Body Nürish Green Clay Refinisher Facial Mask
Shop,Brands,Face - Body Nürish Herbal Facial Steam
Body Nurish Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub with Pink Kaolin Clay
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Shop,Brands,Body - Body Nürish Cocoa Butter Misting Oil
Shop,Brands,Body - Body Nurish Organic Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment
Shop,Brands,Face - Body Nürish Renewal Peel
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