Ice, Ice, Baby...Why Skin Icing Might Be For You

Ice, Ice, Baby...Why Skin Icing Might Be For You

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The fastest and most effective way to boost your skincare routine is by being consistent and using products that make your skin happy. But, if you are looking for new ways to make your skin glow, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you: try out skin icing! 

Skin icing, or cold therapy, is a tactic used to treat surface-level imperfections on the skin, and can help to:  

  • Eliminate puffiness, especially around the eyes 
  • Reduce oiliness in the skin 
  • Ease acne and acne scars 
  • Soothe sunburn 
  • Treat rashes or other swelling (like bites or bruises)  
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Boost the radiance of the skin 

How To 

In my experience, I have found that one of the easiest ways to ice your skin is to wrap a reusable cloth round around it, then gently massage the ice across your face and neck in small, circular motions. Make sure to spend a little extra time on problem areas, such as blemishes or areas with the most visible fine lines, but don’t hold ice on one spot for long. Other areas to focus on include your jawline, chin, lips, nose, and forehead. 
On average, icing your skin for 2-3 minutes seems to get the job done, and leaves your skin feeling cool and fresh. I recommend icing your skin during your skincare routine both in the morning and at night. 

Types of Skin Icing 

Skin icing doesn’t have to only consist of regular water, although that alone will do some incredible things for your skin. If you’re looking for other ideas, however, there are some additions you can make to your icing routine to reap even more benefits from this cold facial. 
Other ingredients you can include in your skin ice include: 

  • Aloe Vera: including aloe vera gel in your ice during your skincare routine can greatly reduce redness, soothe sunburn, and decrease acne 
  • Green Tea: green tea has always been known to have several benefits for the skin, including antiviral and antibacterial properties, which are easier to apply to the skin via icing. Green tea also helps soothe and minimize puffiness in the skin, while also adding aromatherapeutic properties to your routine. 

Other Tips for Skin Icing 

A few other things to consider when icing include:
  1. Always make sure your skin is clean before icing. We recommend icing directly after cleansing, then continue as normal with your usual skincare routine (curious what we recommend for you routine? Check out our guide here and scroll to the bottom of the page!) 
  2. If you plan on consistently icing your skin, plan on dedicating an ice tray specifically for your skin, and always make sure to clean between uses. 
  3. Keep a clean washcloth or our new wool rounds handy to manage dripping when icing. 
  4. Never hold ice in one place on the skin for too long. This can result in a painful burning sensation and lead to scarring. 


Overall, skin icing can lead to several benefits, as well as offer a soothing and calming massage to your skincare routine. You can also up your icing routine by adding aloe or green tea to your cubes! 
The key is consistency. If you are interested in pursuing cold facials, commit to it for a few weeks and see if you find any difference in the texture of your skin! 
Take precaution when icing, and never hold ice on one spot for long periods of time. Also, don’t forget to keep everything associated with your icing routine nice and clean! 

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