Bastet & Bobbin - Reusable Eye Rounds - Cotton Flannel

Bastet & Bobbin - Reusable Eye Rounds - Cotton Flannel

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Soft, sustainable and durable -cotton flannel rounds that can be washed and reused over and over again.

Reusable cotton flannel rounds are the eco-conscious alternative to disposable cotton pads. Each round can be used to remove makeup and apply liquid products—without the waste. Their durable designs can be used and washed on repeat.

 De-puff from travel, or the night before, and dip in cool toner or soak in warm tea and sit a minute in bliss. Great to travel with and keep a bunch at home for daily use. 

Replaces paper towels, cotton balls, and one use eye wipes. Great for you and the environment too!

4 pieces per pack by Bastet and Bobbin

3" diameter (7.62cm diameter)

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We infuse our organic or wildcrafted herbs in Sunflower, Grapeseed, or Olive oil, using the slow method - no heat - to ensure that all of the nutrients are alive and potent.


Plants are a complete resource, providing us with all the necessary ingredients to make handcrafted products that care for your skin, as nature intended.

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