Guest Blog: The Pursuit of Less

Guest Blog: The Pursuit of Less

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Guest blogger: Ali Cornish, from Everthrive (Instagram: @everthrive)

My passions are rooted firmly in an essentialist lifestyle and in the pursuit of less. Through many years of learning about myself through life’s ups and downs, I’ve identified the life I want - a life where I focus on my family, my health, my home, and cultivating meaningful experiences. A life where I safeguard my mental and physical health; a life where I help others do the same. Together with my family, I’ve cut out what isn’t essential in order to make way for what’s important.

I’ve been in pursuit of less since 2013. 

Early on in my journey, I encountered a severe barrier to reaching optimal health. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation around the spine, attacking the bones and joints, and can affect the arms and legs as well. AS also causes inflammation in the skin, intestines, and eyes. My symptoms included lower back pain, overall body stiffness, sciatica, and joint pain. 

After many years of doctors and medications, I began to see a naturopath who steered me towards plant-based living to lower the inflammation markers in my body. I had to drastically reduce the stress in my life, as well as eliminate dairy, eggs, fried foods, and most meats from my diet. I began to choose healthier options and plant-based alternatives. It was hard at first, but now, 7 years later, plant-based living is such an easy choice to keep my body healthy. 

For the past three years, I’ve either been pregnant or nursing. During this time, I became aware that what I put on my skin goes directly into my body and its systems. As the skin is the largest organ of the body, I needed to start treating it with goodwill just like the rest of my body. 

I’ve always prided myself on my low-maintenance skin care regimen. Since my youth, I’ve existed on facial-care samples, gifted holiday-themed lotions, and pilfered hotel soaps. Once I began growing babies inside me, I became more concerned with what I put on my skin, and I started intentionally seeking out natural, organic, understandable plant-based alternatives. For a time, I became attached to a skin care line which seemed to be natural; however, I could never read or understand the ingredients.

Then, I discovered Peak Scents. 

Peak Scents only uses pure plant-derived herbs, vitamins, and minerals. The products are simple and straightforward to use. This company uses plants as nature intended: as a complete resource for natural healing. Whenever possible, Peak Scents uses old-pressed, raw, non-GMO organic oils, vitamins, and extracts in their products. They never use chemicals or chemical preservatives, instead opting for food-grade preservatives. The ingredients are clearly listed and easy to understand. Peak Scents reflects my values and passion for plant-based living, which makes it easy to choose this skincare line. 

I’ve experienced a unique path that led to me natural healing. For me, it makes perfect sense to choose Peak Scents products because they are completely in line with my personal belief that all people can achieve wellness through a compassionate and reverent relationship with nature, our communities, and ourselves. 

- Ali

Thank you so much, Ali, for such an incredible story. 

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