We’ve got our eye on blue light skincare

We’ve got our eye on blue light skincare

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We’ve all read about how blue light from the hours you spend scrolling and staring at screens can affect your eyes, but have you ever thought about your skin? Many studies suggest blue light from your electronic devices can lead to skin damage. Those fine lines and dark spots you’re seeing could be the result of too much screen time.  

You can proactively protect your skin with safe, natural skincare products that block light and defend against free radicals; reversing collagen breakdown and reducing or preventing dark spots and sagging before they even begin.  

Keep looking your selfie best with our plant-powered blue light skin protection picks just for you:

1. Tinted Mineral SPF 31 Sunscreen

    We never go anywhere without this broad-spectrum tinted sunscreen. It protects our face anytime we need extra TLC from too much screen or sun time and keeps us looking – and feeling – refreshed and hydrated. (If you prefer a non-tinted SPF, try our Organic + Vitamin D SPF 35 Sunscreen.)

    2. Power Repair Hyaluronic + C Serum

    You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! This super-powered serum harnesses the natural hydration power of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to improve your skin’s barrier. This highly concentrated serum penetrates deep to help even skin tone, increase radiance and protect from damaging free radicals.  


    3. Rose Phyto3 Facial Cream

    This cream is a rainbow of beautifying nutrients delicately scented with dreamy rose essence and blended to improve tone, vitality, and radiance for a healthy complexion. Excellent for wrinkles and blemishes, this wonderful moisturizer is great for all skin types. Re-hydrating, cell-rejuvenating. The perfect companion for when you click off your laptop after a long day at the office and head to happy hour!


    Pro Tip: We always keep a bottle of facial mist nearby. A little spritz will wake up your skin, tighten your pores and give just the boost you need during a long day at work.

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