Here's Why Beauty snacking is here to stay

Here's Why Beauty snacking is here to stay

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We don’t know who first came up with the term “beauty snack” but we’re sure glad they did! What began as a trend while working from home has become a regular part of our day. The concept is simple: Beauty snacks are small breaks throughout the day that fuel your soul and hydrate your skin. 

Between videoconferences, replying to emails and drafting reports, anytime is the right time to do something just for you. From a quick moisturizer refresh to a plant-powered facial mist, micro sessions of self-care during the work day are a chance to take invigorating, energizing breaks.  

So, change up your skincare routine and enjoy a micro beauty moment anytime of the day. Here are our favorite ways to pamper ourselves between meetings:

  1. Organic Rose Phyto Facial Mist

We keep this mist nearby as our go-to facial refresh throughout the day. This light mist is packed with moisture and will refine your skin texture and tighten your pores. Rose Phyto3 Facial Mist  is our favorite beauty snack moment because it’s quick, refreshing and gives us a chance to stop and smell the roses during a busy day.  

  1. Power Repair Fruit Enzyme Lift

When you’re under deadline writing a long report or proposal, multi-task with a face mask. Simply apply  Power Repair Fruit Enzyme Lift, do a little writing, then take a break and place a dampened hot wash cloth on your face and allow the steam to gently release moisture before washing your face. It’s like a midday facial without leaving your desk.  

  1. Pomegranate Hand and Body Cream 

Increased handwashing and use of hand sanitizer can leave your hands feeling dry and irritated. Take a break during the day to give your hands a quick massage with our Pomegranate hand cream. Loaded with skin loving butters and oils, this deep moisturizer absorbs quickly so you don’t need to worry about leaving oily residue on your keyboard or phone when you get back to work. 


Pro Tip: Don’t forget your lips! Our favorite lip refresh is our  lip butter made with spearmint essential oil,  it gives a minty reset anytime of the day. 


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