Jade Gua Sha Tool
Jade Gua Sha Tool
Jade Gua Sha Tool
Tools- Jade Gua Sha Tool
Tools- Jade Gua Sha Tool
Jade Gua Sha Tool
Jade Gua Sha Tool
Jade Gua Sha Tool
Tools- Jade Gua Sha Tool
Tools- Jade Gua Sha Tool

Tools- Jade Gua Sha Tool

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Our impact

  •  4000-year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine technique with many healing benefits.
  •  stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Metaphysically, Jade brings peace and harmony, believed to attract luck and opportunity, and is known to help reduce stress.
  • Use with a Facial Oil, Serum or Moisturizer

Use with a facial oil, serum, or moisturizer.
Jawline and chin: Glide your tool upwards from the center of the chin out to the earlobe to contour the jaw.
Forehead: Start at the center of the forehead and divide your forehead into three sections and glide your tool outwards. Glide once, then move down a bit and scrape again.
Cheek: Start at the nose and work upwards in a sweeping motion along the cheeks and cheekbones, moving outwards toward your ears. Glide once, then move down a bit and glide again, move down a bit more to the center of the chin and glide again.
Undereye: Start in the inner corner of the eye and glide outwards to the temple.
Brows: Glide upwards along the brow bone - going from the inside out.
Lips: Glide over your lips back and forth about five times for a plumping effect.
Neck: Section your neck into four areas and glide each section from the bottom up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lorinda L.
Who Would Have Thought !

The Gua Sha stone is very interesting. YouTube helped me learn how to use it. My face has so much circulation after using as shown.
I had the exact experience as Brenda, who wrote about the Gua Sha stone. I always make sure my face is well moisturized. For such a small item, what a blessing

Belinda K.
Love being surprised

At nearly 70 years of age, I'm pleasantly surprised to be able to see a difference after just days of use. I went to YouTube for tutorial/s on gua sha practices and application and principles of use. Using Peak Scents products, I first cleaned face and neck areas, then used toner and followed by a skin therapy oil to prepare for my new experience. Applying the strokes, pressure points, directed swipesas instructed, I was able to reduce puffiness, move energies and lift those areas around neck, eyes, ears, chin, forehead and above the lips.
To say I noticed the difference immediately would be incorrect. When I finished the process, I finished dressing, went to prepare dinner, finished my evening routines and went to bed. The next morning, I saw myself and was surprised. The results were even better than a very good massage. And I was able to do this at home in comfort and privacy. I have added this to my routine and am very pleased to see results that younger women have been able to testify to and experience.

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