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Experience the radiant transformation your skin deserves with our exclusive Babchi Beauty Bundle, carefully crafted to elevate your skincare routine to new heights.  

1. Rose Cleansing Milk Let's start with a little self-pampering! Our Rose Cleansing Milk is like a gentle hug for your face. It sweeps away the day's stress and grime, leaving you feeling refreshed and oh-so-smooth. Say hello to a rosy, clean canvas!

2. Facial Cream Oh, the wonders of our Facial Cream! It's your trusty sidekick for round-the-clock hydration. This creamy goodness helps you bid adieu to dryness and hello to that dewy, dreamy look you've always craved.

3. Night Cream Beauty sleep just got an upgrade! Our Night Cream works its magic while you catch those Z's. Wake up to a fresh, rejuvenated you, ready to seize the day with newfound radiance.

4. Babchi Serum Say goodbye to those pesky dark spots with our superhero, the Babchi Serum! It's here to bring out your inner glow, helping your skin look brighter, smoother, and more even-toned, while reducing redness and tightening pores. 

5. Facial Oil Experience the joy of supple, silky skin with our Facial Oil. It's like a luxurious hug for your face, delivering a burst of hydration and that radiant, healthy glow you've been craving.

6. Facial Mist Need a quick pick-me-up during the day? Our Facial Mist to the rescue! Spritz on this refreshing goodness for an instant hydration boost. It's your secret weapon for that on-the-go glow!

Ready to unveil your most radiant self? The Babchi Beauty Bundle is your ticket to glowing, healthy skin.


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Morning Routine:
1. Cleansing Milk (Day & Night): Begin your day with a clean slate. Apply a small amount of the Rose Cleansing Milk to damp skin and gently massage it in circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat your face dry.

2. Babchi Serum (Day): After cleansing, apply a few drops of the Babchi Serum to your face and neck. Gently pat it into your skin, focusing on any areas with hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone.

3. Facial Oil (Day): If you have especially dry skin, you can apply a few drops of the Facial Oil after the Facial Cream for an extra boost of hydration. Gently press the oil into your skin.

4. Facial Cream (Day): Follow up with the Facial Cream. Take a small amount and apply it evenly to your face and neck, massaging it in with upward and outward motions.

5. Facial Mist (Day): Throughout the day, keep the Facial Mist handy for a quick refresh. Spritz it on your face whenever your skin needs a burst of hydration and freshness.

Night Routine:
1. Cleansing Milk: Repeat the cleansing process in the evening to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities.

2. Babchi Serum : After cleansing, apply the Babchi Serum to clean, dry skin. Allow it to absorb for a few minutes.

3. Facial Oil : If desired, use the Facial Oil after the Babchi Serum for an extra layer of nourishment. A little goes a long way.

4. Night Cream: Apply the Night Cream generously to your face and neck. It will work its magic while you sleep, so you wake up with rejuvenated skin.

Cleansing Milk:
Gentle Cleansing: effectively removes makeup, dirt, and impurities from the skin without over-drying or stripping the skin's natural moisture.
Hydration: contain moisturizing ingredients, helping to keep the skin hydrated even during the cleansing step.
Prepares Skin: It prepares the skin for the application of other skincare products by ensuring a clean canvas for absorption.

Facial Oil:
Hydration and Nourishment: provides deep hydration and nourishment to the skin, helps lock in moisture and prevent water loss.
Barrier Protection: Oils can reinforce the skin's natural barrier, protecting it from environmental stressors and preventing moisture loss.

Babchi Serum (Bakuchiol Serum):
Anti-Aging: Bakuchiol is known for its potential anti-aging benefits. It may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces redness and tightens pores.
Even Skin Tone: contributes to a more even skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
Gentle Alternative: It offers a gentler alternative to retinol, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Facial Cream:
Moisturization: provides additional moisture to the skin, helping to maintain hydration and prevent dryness.
Barrier Function: supports the skin's natural barrier function, protecting it from environmental stressors.

Facial Mist:
Hydration: a quick and convenient way to refresh and hydrate the skin throughout the day.
Setting Makeup: They can be used to set makeup and create a dewy finish.
Skin Comfort: Mists can soothe and calm irritated or sensitive skin.

Night Cream:
Intensive Hydration: richer and more hydrating, making it
suitable for overnight use to replenish the skin.
Repair and Regeneration: supports the skin's natural repair and regeneration processes that occur during sleep.
Anti-Aging: contains ingredients aimed at reducing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

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