My name is Erica Fareio and I am 43 years old. I grew up in the desert sun and have worked as a Grand Canyon river guide for almost 25 years. There is nothing like the extreme temperatures, wind and dryness of the Southwest to really beat up your skin! Working and living in these conditions require the best possible skincare. I have tried A LOT of products out there and hands down, there is nothing better than the products so lovingly created by Peak Scents. What I like best is that 100% of the ingredients are all-natural - NO chemicals - and they really work!


I have been working and playing outside in the punishing environment of the desert southwest for almost 20 years. I am currently a backpacking guide in the Grand Canyon, and I hike there year-round. I keep my skin healthy by using the Power Repair skincare line. My favorite product has to be the Vitamin C solution which I use under the facial cream. It is so soothing after dry, windy, sunny days or when I get a little too sun-kissed. I also keep a bottle of the face mist handy during the day to refresh and hydrate my skin and feels so cooling when my rosacea flares. After a trip, I take care of my very dry hands using the rose phyto pomegranate hand and body cream; it makes them feel like new again. I also use the green clay mask as an exfoliating scrub which feels amazing! It gets the old sweat and grime out and leaves my skin feeling tightened and renewed.

-Karla K.

Being an adventure athlete traveling to the remote wild places, along with international mountain bike racing, and guiding means I spend a lot of my time outdoors in the elements. Yet it wasn't until I nearly died and sustained a broken back and spinal cord injury in March of 2016 after tomahawking off a mountain in New Zealand that I realized the impact trauma has on your entire body including your skin. I noticed dryness and wrinkles from the stress my body sustained to the extent I knew I needed to find something that may help and eventually I came across the all-natural Power Repair Skin Serum which has vitamin C & E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, green tea, and Coenzyme Q10 which was the perfect combination to help repair my skin that underwent significant stress from the trauma of my injury. Since my injury, I have got back on the bike and through my hardship, I now encourage and inspire growth on and off the bike through MTB retreats with my company https://www.leap2fly.com/ I only stand behind brands I believe in and align with such as Patagonia and Zeal Optics. Not only do Peak Scents products actually work, but they are also all-natural so your not putting overpriced chemicals on your face that doesn't help. Also the brand is run by women who get it as they are in the outdoors too. If you're in the outdoors like us you just want something that you can count on to help your skin out, then give it a go!

-Christian Little

Doctor, Founder Leap2fly MTB Retreats and guiding

I have been using the Power Repair skincare line for over 10 years now and I wouldn't use anything else! It smells so clean and natural and it is the only thing that keeps my skin moisturized all day long. It protects and nourishes my skin, which I love... and people always tell me how great I look so I guess I'm doing something right!

-Carrie Alice Williams- Singer-Songwriter.


I woke up in the morning only to find out that a mosquito had feasted on my arm the day before my big premiere! I was wearing something sleeveless and tried everything to get the swelling down on three bites that were very noticeable on my arms. I’m allergic to insect bites so the swelling was pretty terrible. I tried everything. Nothing was bringing the swelling or the sting down. On a whim, I put Hyaluronic + C on the bites and had instant sting relief and after just two applications the swelling went down and my arms were ready for the red carpet the very next day!  Who knew!  Thank you to Peak Scents and Sister Creations for saving the day!!!!

-Tamela DAmico

 I am a trail runner who spends lots of time outdoors. I have lived in the Southwest for over two decades and discovered Sister Creations years ago. Over time, I've tried sooo many products, from an array of companies, but I always gravitated back to these pretty blue bottles. Then the deal was sealed when an aesthetician at a local spa recommend these products over the expensive ones they sold (I love honest people, especially those who respect persons on a budget!). The Power Repair Toner and Face Mist are now my staples. I wouldn't consider another brand (at the wise age of 47!) as these products make me feel good every time. I look forward to wiping the toner across my face, neck, and décolletage twice daily (am seriously bummed when I run out, as it's a scent and routine I've grown accustomed to––my skin feels neglected when I'm not able to do it!), followed by a spritz of the face mist after moisturizing––it can be used after applying translucent powder, too, to set it. I also spray the face mist anytime throughout the day, whenever I need a boost––it is a welcome treat while traveling, in the office, after a stressful encounter, you-name-it.... I'd be lost without these exceptional products that have yield amazing results for many years. I love that I can make cute vases out of the empty, glass face mist bottles, as well as  knowing that I'm supporting a regional small business. THANK YOU for all you're doing to keep us healthy and glowing!!

-Sara W. 

I am 55 years old and have sensitive skin and the Power Repair products have been my savior! People tell me all the time I look 10 years younger than my age because I have great skin and no wrinkles. I attribute that to your products! I live on the east coast and the winters here can be harsh and drying. With the Power Repair, I am well hydrated and glowing! Thanks so much for making a fantastic natural product that is also very affordable.

- Maggie


For the past 8 years, I have had a problem with adult cystic acne. Also, my skin was starting to show dark sunspots around my eyes and forehead. Over the years, I have tried NUMEROUS skincare lines, facial treatments, supplements and diet change with few positive results. At one point, my dermatologist gave me a prescription, which seemed to do the trick, but long-term prescription drug use was not exactly the path I wanted to pursue. Plus, the prescription came with its own kind of side effects. My sister found your Power Repair facial kit at a conference, and instantly, she thought of me. I was skeptical from years of trying new products that did not work but still hopeful for anything to help my skin. I am glad to say that I have had tremendous results. My skin is clear and firm. The sunspots are lightening, and the overall color of my complexion looks healthy, with or without make-up. I look forward to using the products with every application and am so thankful to have finally found something that works. I know my skin is getting the moisture and vitamins it needs for the age-defying years to come!

Heather G.. Texas


The Rose Phyto3 Skincare Line is magically healing. I began using the Rose oil and Facial Cream after receiving radiation that left my forehead badly burned, scabbed, and fire-engine red. I was extra cautious about putting anything at all on my skin-. I was introduced to the Rose line and remembered it contained only the best ingredients. Within days, fresh new skin was revealed. I couldn’t believe the burns and scabs were disappearing with each new morning. Within a week I watched actual magic unfold- fresh new skin, beautiful skin-smooth and clear. My friends, family, and doctor were amazed. This is a stellar product! I’m blown away and so very lucky to have a quality product that naturally heals and renews skin. My skin is healthier looking than it’s been in years. I’m forever hooked!! Thank you for making such a magical product. You saved my skin!-

A.S., Los Angeles, CA


Each morning I begin my day with a conscious ritual of cleansing my face with Rose Phyto3. This process is much more than face care for me because of the power of rose essential oil to connect us to a pure vibration of heart centeredness. The cleansing ritual is about setting the tone for the day, I do so with intent, heartfeltness, and gratitude. It’s like having a fresh clean slate and seeing the world through a heart-centered lens. Breathing in the smell of the rose alone reminds my brain to be more present and at ease. This ritual is holistic in that it integrates the nurturing of body creating clarity in mind and opening the heart. It reminds me to breathe and be present. Keelyn R., Arizona


Hello ladies.... just want to tell you how much I love the facial products.....they feel and smell so natural ... and thanks soooo much for the awesome extras you send...love trying the other products you have.

Sheila F.