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Welcome from DeeAnn Tracy Brown

Peak Scents Flagstaff - DeeAnn Tracy BrownAt an early age, under the guidance of my mom at our family business, Winter Sun Trading Company, I learned about herbs and their power to heal and promote health.  I listened to our customers. Turns out, they all wanted the same thing......potent, pure, natural products that actually deliver what they promise. I knew a lot about herbs, ingredients and formulating, but not nearly enough. 

So, after graduating from Northern Arizona University, I became a student of herbal medicine under the late master herbalist Micheal Moore at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. 

In 1993 I formed Peak Scents™  to provide our clients with the highest quality, all natural skin care products available. By combining my knowledge of herbal medicine, nutrition, and aromatherapy, I created original unique formulas. Formulas (some of our customers call miracles) that really work well without harmful chemicals and preservatives. My sister, Denise Tracy, founder of The Super Salve Company, and I, have developed Power Repair by Sister Creations™ and Body Nurish™, all natural skin care lines, utilizing high-potency vitamins, pure essential oils, and herbal extracts. 

I am proud to announce my newest line of innovative skin care, Rose Phyto3. This line harnesses the exciting new promise of Rose and Acai stem cells, peptides, super fruit and herbal extracts that have been shown to reduce signs of aging.  In the traditon and promise of Peak Scents, I know you will be pleased with these incredible new products. 

Produced with love and gratitude, DeeAnn Tracy Brown

Our Products

You will find four lines of products for sale on this site - all are 100% natural. 

  • Peak Scents™ — Founded in 1993, Peak Scents is based in Flagstaff, AZ, and is DeeAnn's original line of all natural skin care products.

This line includes organic  essential oils; massage oils, aromatherapy mists and a Navajo Pinon salve that can be used directly onto the skin for healing the mind, body and spirit.

  • Power Repair by Sister Creations™ -- Created by DeeAnn and her sister Denise Tracy. Founded in 1993 and based in Mogollon, NM. 

This line is an advanced wrinkle treatment for all ages and skin types fortified with vitamins, mineral and enzymes that help prevent damage to the skin. A kit specifically for acne and oily skin is also included. 

  • Body Nurish — Created by DeeAnn and her sister Denise Tracy for extremely sensitive and sun damaged skin. Based in Flagstaff, AZ

This line has unique botanical formulas that promote life and growth for face and body that renews the richness and health for every skin type -- restoring optimum tone, texture and cellular structure. This line is directed towards very dry and sensitive skin. Products include facial masks, body scrubs and an assortment of treatments, creams and oils.

This line also carries 100% mineral makeup for face, eyes and lips that enhance and complement the skin’s underlying radiance with a variety of colors for every skin tone.

  • The Super Salve Co.™ — Started by Denise Tracy in response to the needs of Colorado River runners. Founded in 1990 and based in Mogollon, NM.

The Super Salve Co was originally created for the Grand Canyon River guides that needed something that would prevent foot fungus and heal cracked skin. This line includes salves, lip balms, bug spray, lotions, sunscreen and creams of all kinds. The Super Salve Co. also carries prenatal and baby care products.