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Peak Scents

Our Story

Do You Love Your Skin? We do... and we're on a mission for you to love it too!   Peak Scents is committed to providing you with toxic-free, safe, and affordable products that truly care for your skin and deliver results. We lovingly use plants to help everyone look and feel their best. Our products are  proprietary blends that we've developed over the last 26 years, made of pure herbs, vitamins and minerals.  Our goal is to put more love, nurturing, and good health into the world, and our production process reflects that: we focus on infusing our positive, loving energy into each and every handcrafted product. It's a difference that you can feel.

We believe in transparency and stand firm in “if you can’t eat it, then don’t put it on your skin.” You deserve to know exactly what’s in your beauty products and you can rest easy knowing the products we create are free from SLS, parabens, alcohol, fragrance, and never tested on animals.


Based in Flagstaff, AZ, Peak Scents was founded over 25 years ago by DeeAnn Tracy Brown, Clinical Herbalist, and natural skincare enthusiast, with the intention to provide beauty products that use natural ingredients, nourish the skin, and that actually work.


When DeeAnn founded Peak Scents Skincare in 1993, it was the natural evolution of her upbringing and her passion for the wilderness. She was quite literally born for this job, in fact, her mother is an ethnobotanist and herbalist who has an herbal apothecary and Native American Art Gallery in Flagstaff, AZ for the last 45 years,The Winter Sun Trading CoShe grew up in the store hearing customers stories of how they were helped by the plant formulas. Over the years she worked side by side with her mother mixing herbal formulas to help customers with anything from sore throats, cancer-related ailments to nasty tumbles taken off of mountain bikes. 

As an adult, she trained intensively at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, where she learned the art of plant pharmacy and formulation. She created her first skincare line to help fellow river rafters whose skin got mercilessly pummeled by the sun and wind while on extended river trips. Many clients would develop rashes and irritations from the chemicals in regular sunscreen, and there wasn’t a product out there that could soothe and protect their dry sun-damaged skin.  It’s been her absolute joy and love for the last 26 years to keep innovating products that give people the results they want without the harmful chemicals found in most other brands. 

If you're ready to dive deeper into your self-care and healing, without spending hundreds of dollars on a face cream... we're the virtual apothecary for you.