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Peak Scents

Welcome from DeeAnn Tracy Brown

Peak Scents Flagstaff - DeeAnn Tracy Brown

Who We Are

Hello, we’re Peak Scents! And we’re committed to providing you with clean, green, and affordable beauty products that work. Our skincare is created using only 100% natural and high-quality ingredients we trust will directly benefit your skin. 

We believe in transparency and stand firm in “if you can’t eat it, then don’t put it on your skin.” You deserve to know exactly what’s in your beauty products and you can rest easy knowing the products we sell are free from SLS, parabens, alcohol, fragrance, and never tested on animals.


Based in Flagstaff, AZ, Peak Scents was founded over 20 years ago by DeeAnn Tracy Brown, Clinical Herbalist, and natural skincare enthusiast, with the intention to provide beauty products that use natural ingredients, nourish the skin, and that actually work.

Family Love of Plants


As young children, DeeAnn and her sister Denise were often taken on medicinal plant treasure hunts in the Gila River area just outside of Coolidge, Arizona. It was there that their mother, Phyllis Hogan (an Ethnobotanist, and Herbalist), would first introduce them to the world of plants. 

DeeAnn would later go on to apprentice at Winter Sun Trading Company (the family business and apothecary) where her eyes were opened to the power of wildcrafted, organic herbs.

Spending time observing and listening to their customers’ needs, DeeAnn came to realize she and the customers wanted to learn more about the potential power of these herbs in beauty. This interest in natural beauty formulations would inspire her to go on a quest to help people take back control of what they were putting on their skin.


After finishing her studies at Northern Arizona University, she followed her real passion and attended the late master herbalist, Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine.


DeeAnn formed Peak Scents in 1993. Combining her knowledge of herbal medicine, nutrition, and aromatherapy, she created original formulas that don’t rely on harmful chemicals and preservatives to help heal the skin, real miracles as referred to by customers.


Together, she and her sister created Power Repair by Sister Creations™ and Body Nurish™, two all-natural skincare lines that focus on nourishing and restoring the skin.

What's New


Organic Rose Phyto³ and Wandering The West Apothecary are DeeAnn’s two latest and proud creations.


Organic Rose Phyto³ harnesses the exciting new promise of Rose and Acai stem cells, peptides, super fruit, and herbal extracts that have been shown to reduce the signs of aging. Our Rose Phyto³ line contains unique botanical formulas that promote life and growth for the face and body that renews the richness and health of every skin type-restoring optimum tone, texture, and cellular structure.


Wandering The West Apothecary is the result of many childhood adventures wandering the west-exploring its canyons, rivers, deserts, and mountains. Combining DeeAnn’s experiences and plant knowledge, she has been able to capture the scent, feel, and energy of The West in Balms, Mist, and Oils that will guide you to many magical places and adventures.