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Life's how you make it...

Kultura Magazine featured Peak Scents in their September 2020 issue. They interviewed our founder, DeeAnn, picking her brain to find out her favorite products, how she gives back to her community, and tips to stay well during the pandemic. Here's a sneak peak...


  • Treat your mind and body. I meditate every morning, use my sauna to sweat out any toxins, and try to get outside as much as possible. It takes some time to find your daily personal health and wellness routine, but once you do, try and stick to it.
  • Stay in the moment and be flexible enough to pivot. I often use metaphors of my time on the river. I see having a business like rafting a river. There are so many challenges and unknowns, that you need to be ready to face whatever you're gonna come upon. Tune into nature, be alert and in the moment, seek advice from those who have navigated these waters before, get your boat in the right place to make it through the rapids and be prepared for anything.

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