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Need a new facemask recipe? are 7!

Peak Scents' founder, DeeAnn, wrote an article that was featured on Buzzfeed in April of 2020. She offers seven unique, easy-to-make, DIY face mask recipes that are the perfect addition to your skincare routine or your next girls night in. 

Here's a sneak peak at the goodness: 

Turmeric, Lemon, & Manuka Honey Facial Mask 

Why we love it: Perfect for brightening and reducing hyper-pigmentation and age spots, turmeric reduces redness, treats breakouts, helps with age spots, reduces scarring, and helps heal psoriasis and eczema. It also brightens and tones the skin. The honey aids by healing acne and scarring, cleaning pores while naturally exfoliating, and helps skin to retain moisture. The vitamin C in the lemon is essential for brightening and evening out skin tone.


1 Tablespoon Manuka Honey

½ teaspoon Turmeric

A Squeeze of Fresh Lemon Juice


Combine all ingredients in a bowl

Mix until well combined

Massage gently into skin, then follow general directions above

Note: You may need to wash you face a couple of times to remove the yellow tint.

Curious about the other 6? Check them out by clicking on the link below:

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