Peak Scents Holiday Prep and Gift Guide

Peak Scents Holiday Prep and Gift Guide

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We are a … (Mostly) Woman Based Small Business
Serving Incredible Adventures from all over the U.S.

And, as we begin to prepare for the *happiest* time of the year, we thought we’d take some measures to make sure we are actually (mostly) happy, and enjoying our family.

So, for the first time ever, we present our Holiday Preparation Guide. Enjoy each team member’s stress reducing tips + their favorite Peak Scents’ gift-able item, for yourself, your co-workers, your friends, your significant other, or your friends:


How she’s reducing stress consistently:  Restorative Yoga

What product she’s gifting: Rose Phyto3 Mist for a little lift throughout the day as a gift to herself, and she loves to give it as a gift as well.




How she’s reducing stress consistently: Walks in the woods with her dog Stanley and photographing the changing colors of the leaves…  something about it helps her remember to allow and let go

What product she’s gifting: Pomegranate Hand and body cream. It's like a drink for your hands and it is a great gift for anyone!




How she’s reducing stress consistently: Getting outside with my dogs and family. Putting my cell phone in a drawer when I get home from work and not checking it all night! Boosting my immune system with a herbal tonic from my mom’s herb shop Winter Sun Trading Co. - Immune Tonic

What product she’s gifting: Palo Santo Mist to help me stay centered and focused throughout the day, it also helps me to let things go. It’s the perfect gift for my girlfriends, yoga teacher and family. 



How he’s reducing stress consistently: Taking time to sit with his mindfulness meditation group once a week either on zoom or in person it always helps to feel connection and support. 

What product he’s gifting: Likes to stay ahead of cracked heels and hands with the Pinyon Balm and it makes a great gift for all his buds and male family members. 



How she’s reducing stress consistently: Taking time for self care, especially doing the skincare routine and Coconut Sugar Scrub (which is also her favorite gift, too.)

What product she’s gifting: The Best gift for anyone on your list is definitely the Coconut Sugar Scrub, everyone she gives it to absolutely loves it and it is one of those little luxuries that you might not buy for yourself.  



How she’s reducing stress consistently:  To stay as healthy and happy as I can during busy times of the year, I make sure to keep on my yoga practice, my daily dose of vitamin D, and time to relax with some herbal tea. 

What product she’s gifting:  Since the weather is getting colder and drier, I’ve really been enjoying the Organic Rose Phyto3 Facial Cream. My face stays moisturized throughout the day and feels so good to put it on again at bed. It totally relaxes me. 



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