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Body Nürish™ Herbal Facial Steam

Body Nürish™ Herbal Facial Steam

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  • Description
  • Herbal Facial Steam with organic flower essences is an important step to cleansing the pores, flushing out toxins, accelerating cell regeneration, and hydrating the skin. Regular use keeps your skin glowing with vitality.  4 oz

  • Ingredients
  • Contains: All flowers are organic—chamomile flower, red rose petals, pink rose buds, purple rose buds, lavender flower, and calendula flower.

  • How to Use
  • Add (1) heaping tablespoon to (1) quart of boiling water. Pour mixture into a bowl. Sit 12 inches from the bowl, close your eyes, drape a towel over your head to capture the steam. Steam face for 10-15 minutes. *After your steam for further benefits: Strain & separate the mixture from the flower water. Store flower water in a closed container and refrigerate. Use the flower water as a facial splash morning & evening. It's invigorating and refreshing!