What Are the Benefits of Rose in Skin Care?

Usually, we associate roses with romance. Valentine’s day, anniversaries, or just as a simple way to show your love and affection. But just as any other plant on earth, the humble rose, has a story all its own. More than a gesture, the rose has been used for centuries in beauty rituals, as ways to express opulence, and even as part of religious ceremonies.

We have added rose to our skin care products for its nourishing and anti-aging benefits and also for its incredible mind soothing properties too. The scent of rose has been known to lift the spirits and help to open up the heart chakra so you are better able to let love into your life.

Keep reading to find out a few more ways this beautiful flower can help to transform your skin and help ground a busy mind.

Incredibly nourishing for dry skin

Rose will help to banish dry skin woes thanks to its highly nourishing and hydrating properties, but it doesn’t end there! Rosehip oil is wonderful for aiding in skin repair and its rich antioxidant content will help to keep the skin youthful by fighting of free radicals that may speed up the aging process. The rich fatty acids from Rose Hip oil will add in deep hydration for a dewy glow that lasts and lasts!

Helps to fight inflammation and reduce breakouts

Rose water and rose oil work together beautifully to not only nourish dull, dry skin, but also they have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce inflammation by soothing redness, calming irritation, and can help provide relief for itchy, painful skin. This makes rose a hit with all skin conditions, from dry to oily.

In addition, rose water has excellent deep-cleansing properties that can help remove deep down dirt out of the pores for skin that is clearer and happier than it may have been in a long time!

Calm a frazzled mind

It’s no surprise that you may experience bouts of heightened stress, anxiety, or even the blues thanks to the fast pace of today’s busy life. To help alleviate feelings of tension, keep some rose essential oil close by and inhale whenever your mind needs a time out.

We highly recommend diffusing some rose essential oil at home or in your workspace, or carry our Organic Rose Phyto 3 Facial Mist in your handbag and spritz over your face at any time of the day to treat your skin and senses to a refreshing and soothing burst of aromatic goodness!

We use Alpine Rose in our  Rose Phyto 3 line, along with rose extracts and essential oils so you can enjoy all the benefits this lovely flower has to offer you!

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